As well as my work on landscapes and the notions of territories (I SEE SEA, Iceland, Quebec, Corse, Traverses, O…), my photography explores, in particular, portaits through space as a setting or in thematic sceneries; I arranged composition of short-scenes pictures around themes that I explored in the serie «Histoires»: body, nature, body set in nature, the animality of body, pipe dreams, body in scenery. The completion of these researches, the photo-engravings and the silkscreen printings of the serie «UTAH» are worked out as photographical objects. I currently push my researches further with other methods introduced in the serie “La Chambre”. “Histoires, of which a selection is presented here, claims to be, to a certain extent, an intimate and imaginary photographical diary in which sceneries and bodies are melting or responding to each other. Considering the technique used and the wish to work on fiction, my work tends to approach a cinematographic treatment in its aesthetics. This succession of views can also turn into a picture story. I find myself both in an advanced scenery work (while being sure to keep a warm place available for the transcendent accident) and in a game on patterns and visual escape, where space determines the presence of a being or not. With «Polaroïds», I am in a dream-like study by working on the photographical object itself, whereas «Water Drop» is a purely plastic piece.
Inspired, amongst others, by surrealism, I offer you a(n) (endless) story of fantasy, sham.
Life is a sham...a is a sham...

translated by Anne Laure (

français / english
Simon Jourdan